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so i get my new laptop in one week.

one more fucking week after three months of waiting. Toshiba decided to stop making the P100/400 series and instead did a upgrade of said model. Since the good guys had placed my order and promised me on several ocassions 'it will be here in a few days" and did not produce, they have offered me the new model for the already discounted price i recived on the P100/400 so I get the laptop and pay $2790 and they are throwing in the logitech gaming keyboard (with the lcd display) and mouse for free.

ohh well, heres the specs for the new laptop:

2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 Processor
320Gb (2x 160Gb) 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
2Gb (1Gb + 1Gb) DDR2 667MHz RAM
17" Widescreen Display, WXGA+ (1440 x 900), with 1.3mp Webcam
DVD SuperMulti Double/Dual Layer Drive
nVidia GeForce NB7P-GS with 256Mb video memory

im pretty happy with the laptop, providng it actually comes this time.

not a whole lot to update on really, im poor, i've been working crazy hours at ge, i start my new role there on Monday, looking pretty good. Meg & Lisa are also joining Motor and Andrew had a job interview yesterday, so at least i know a few people up there!

hung out with K-Bab on Friday night, havent really had a chance to hang out with anyone latley. ate amazing food at chocolate buddha, rode the ferris wheel, watched some break dancers, took five billion photobooth photos, reminised about the old days with Dani and then got lost trying to find Jarrod♥ at some crazy pub in North Melbourne.

I even went for a drive to meltdown while jarrod♥ talked alot of drunk talk and feel alssp on the way home.

i watched "a guide to recognizing your saints' the other day and was very impressed. I also saw Shooter and was very impressed (and not only for Mark)Sunshine was also brilliant, Cillian Murphy was surprising good in the film.

Just over one month now until I go on the east coast tour, cant wait.
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