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it really amazes me that typical stereotype girl in a relationship. you know, the typical sitcom cliche. girl yells at boy for dumb things, sex is a chore, girl bakes, blah blah.

I just sat here at work and listened to this girl yell at her boyfriend for not coming home "early" - I dunno, maybe im just careless or worry free, but Ive always been a supporter of the individual hangout in a relationship. being with someone twenty four is exhausting and you need a break sometimes, i love hanging with my pals without my man sometimes. it makes you miss them a little, crave them, and when you get home, you jump in bed and cuddle.

Ive been a little pissed off the past few weeks, just annoyed at a few things. This economic crisis is really fucking annoying me, people arnt traveling, they are smartening up, there carrying no bags and subsequently, the airline business is suffering and my hours are being cut.

Then the heat, living in a 9ft double brick terrace home, after 3 days of over 40 degree heat with no aircon, that will test anyone.

Trav has decided to move in, which is great! Im a believer of jumping right in, why waste time on the glamour period. Im more practical than that. I knew the moment we first kissed - he's the man for me, i know romantic bullshit, but its true. We roll right together. So we are saving for a house. I have been talking about buying for ages, so we decided to do it togther. and buy a good place after a few years of saving.

Plus his emo fuckwit housemate Brett sucks.

I have found a part time job alongside Virgin, at my old work. I emailed my boss for a reference and he offered me work. I feel a little weird about going back and seeing everyone, like im stepping back or something, i dunno. is that weird?

Im doing ok for a 5am start this morning, i stayed up all night with Trav. We ate Thai with my new housemates Tash and Llyod and went out for Gelo bar - the line was ridicuosly huge, but the new burnt sugar caramel flavour was amazing. Ohh how i heart gelo bar.

Im addicted to True Blood - Fuck, I love vampire shows/movies. And this one is amazing. Its all sex and vampires. And Anna Paquin is so hot. Ive been lounging in the games room, playing xbox and watching true blood. its been amazing.

Im really missing amanda, having a new house full of two new poeple is great, but i really miss amanda, and im starting to really appreciate how amazing it was meeting her and becoming friends. Canada is so far away and my heart feels like its broken.

Apart from that, life is pretty norm. Its Travs bday on Tuesday, We are going to Perth in 2 weeks... he booked me an amazing romance package at a swanky hotel. How amazing is he, really?

i just got abused by THREE people. jesus, if you miss you flight and i only charge you fifty bucks to get the the next service, count yourself lucky i didnt make you buy a new ticket. grr.

im a fighter. bring it baby. bring it.
Tags: birthdays, emo fuckwits, melbourne airport drama, moving in, realtionships
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