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lying is the best fun a girl can have without taking off her clothes

let you fall for every single word i say

24 December 1984
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almost famous, american dad, anime, arrogance, batman, beach, being a lady, big sunglasses, bitching, black hair, boxing, boys, brand new, brick tamland, brisbane city, brisvegas, bryan singer, cameron crowe, cat macros, chasing amy, choc chip cookies, chris carrabba, christian bale, christopher nolan, clerks, clerks ii, comic book films, comic books, corn flakes, dancing like an retard, dashboard confessional, dave hughes, daydreaming, dirty indie kids, dogma, donkey kong, donnie darko, downloading stuff, driving fast, english accents, eye sexing, falling in love, family guy, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, geeks, glasses, green tea, gummi bears, hayao miyazaki, holding hands, homer simpson, house, hoyts, hugh jackman, i heart huckabees, invader zim, ipod, japan, japanese food, jarrod, jason lee, jason mews, jay and silent bob, jersey girl, jesse lacey, jrad, jude law, jumping in puddles, kate hudson, kevin smith, kirsten dunst, kissing, kissing hot boys, kyo soma, love, madman, making out, mallrats, melbourne, mexican food, money, moobies, mosh, movies, msn, music, nerds, nintendo, pale skin, pizza, planes, pop punk, popcorn, post it notes, pump water, punk rock, reading online scripts, richard kelly, romance, romcoms, ron burgandy, roy mustang, running, sand, sex, shitty clubs, shitty music, shopping, silent bob, silent bob speaks, sleep, snow, southland tales, sunshine coast, superman, taking back sunday, taking pictures of myself, tepanyaki, tmnt, toru honda, tradegy, travel, tripping the rift, txt, v in a can, video games, view askew, water, white hair, wikipedia, will ferell, winter, your mom, yuki fan club, yuki soma, zach braf